President's Message

My name is Jovia Radix-Seaborough, and it is my great honor to serve as the President of the BWBA. I am deeply honored and privileged to lead this organization for the 2023-2024 year. I look forward to a year filled with new ideas, a renewed commitment to diversity in the law and a willingness to welcome any and all challenges that this year may bring. I am so humbled and grateful for this year's board and I am excited that they have chosen to donate their talents and time to ensure that this organization continues to exceed expectations.

This presidency means so much to me on many levels but first and foremost it is a literal passing of the torch. My mother served as the first black president of this organization and literally forged the way for many of us. This passing of the torch has inspired my theme this year which is “Ever Forward: forging the path for the next generation.”

I am sure that this will be a very productive year. I am ready to get started on our work to have more new and innovative events, that will increase our membership and showcase our diversity. This board’s composition will highlight all aspects of the legal profession and illustrate that a law degree is still the most versatile degree to have. My hope is to continue this organization's commitment to mentorship by asking you to join me in efforts to engage more young attorneys and law students than ever before.

This Bar Association is such an important part of the female legal identity, an association that forges friendships and mentor relationships. This year it is my hope that we continue to create opportunities that allow female attorneys to build a space of their own. I hope that you will join me in ensuring that this organization continues to grow and preserve.

Thank You All for Your Unwavering Support!

Jovia A. Radix- Seaborough


Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association

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