BWBA Awards

  • Beatrice M. Judge Recognition Award

    The Beatrice Judge Award is given to a distinguished member of the BWBA whose acts exemplify the essence of justice for a singular outstanding achievement, longstanding significant involvements or a lifetime of constancy of purpose in advancing the status of women in society and the law. Beatrice M. Judge was the first woman Justice elected to the Supreme Court, Kings County in 1966, having served previously as a Judge of the Civil Court. The Beatrice M. Judge Recognition Award was established in 1983. 

  • Sybil Hart Kooper Award

    The Sybil Hart Kooper Award is given to an outstanding member of the BWBA who has made valuable and significant contributions to the BWBA. Justice Sybil Hart Kooper served on the Appellate Division, Second Department, from 1984 until her retirement in 1991. She was also a founding member and past president of the National Association of Women Judges and a member of the New York State Task Force on Women in the Courts. The Sybil Hart Kooper Award was established in 1992.

  • Amy Wren Award

    The Amy Wren Award is given to a distinguished member of the BWBA who is dedicated to the practice of law and who makes significant contributions to the Brooklyn community at large.  The Award is named after Amy Wren, a suffragette, founder and first President of the incorporated BWBA and one of the first female United States Commissioners in the nation. The Amy Wren Award was established in 2015.

  • Joanne Minsky Cohen Award

    The Joanne Minsky Cohen Award is given to a dedicated member of the BWBA whose career exemplifies outstanding service both to the Association and to the Brooklyn legal community.   The Award, created in 2016, is named after an exceptional BWBA Board member who rallies our membership to join the fight against breast cancer and who devotes her career to public service. 

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has created a positive and lasting legacy within the Brooklyn community at large and who has been devoted to the advancement of women. This award recognizes the entirety of the recipient’s career.

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