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Slogans for BWBA Centennial

Aug 12, 2017 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Dear Colleague,

In April 1918, three inspired Brooklyn Law School graduates – Amy Wren, Jeannette Goodman Brill, and Helen P.  McCormick -- came together and laid the foundation for the oldest incorporated women’s bar in New York State: the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association. In April 2018, the BWBA celebrates our 100th year. We plan to throw quite a party, and we need your help: Please share with us your inspired ideas for the BWBA’s Centennial Slogan, five or so words that will sum up who we are and what we want to be for the next 100 years.

BWBA has much to celebrate. For 100 years, we have been committed to the mission of eliminating gender bias in the courts, advancing the skills and status of women lawyers in the profession, and promoting, protecting and furthering the rights of all women.  As one of 19 statewide chapters of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY), the BWBA plays a key role in giving a powerful and unified voice to the issues affecting women lawyers and all women on the state and national level. Like the three suffragettes who founded our organization, we are committed to fairness and justice, courageous in the face of opposition, and creative in vision and ideas.

In essence, we are you, and we can think of no better source of inspiration for our Centennial Slogan thank you.

So, please, email your suggestions for BWBA’s Centennial Slogan to BklynWomensBar@gmail.com by August 12, 2017– and let’s help make this Centennial Celebration a momentous one!

The Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association Membership Committee

Joy Thompson  & Claire Rush,


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